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Specializing in all facets of healthcare and business immigration law.

Consultation Services:

Our lawyers are available for paid consultations regarding various US visa and immigration matters.These include, but are not limited to:

  • Compliance matters (I-9, LCA, PERM)
  • Candidate visa eligibility reviews
  • Embassy/Consular application processes and related matters


Nonimmigrant (Temporary) Visas:

  • B-1/B-2 visitor visa applications and extensions.
  • E-1/E-2 treaty trader/investor visa, including initial applications and extensions of status.
  • E-3 (Australian citizen) visas, including initial applications, extension applications, assistance
    with the US Embassy/Consulate process.
  • F-1student visas, including initial applications, extensions, change of status to/from, cap
    gap, Optional Practical Training (OPT), STEM OPT Extensions, Curricular Practical Training
  • H-1B visas, including initial applications, extensions, amendments, change of status
    to/from, AC-21 extensions beyond the standard 6-year limit, Embassy/Consulate processing of H-1B visa stamp applications.
  • H-4 dependent visas (spouse/children)
    and H-4/EAD visas, including initial applications, extensions, change of status to/from, eligibility for H-4/EAD.
  • K-1 and K-3 fiancé/fiancée and spousal visas.
  • L-1A (Intracompany Transferee–Executive or Manager) and L-1B (Intracompany Transferee–
    Specialized Knowledge Worker), including individual and Blanket L applications, applications for new and existing offices, and extensions.
  • L-2 dependent visas (spouse/children), including initial applications, extensions, change of
    status to/from.
  • TN visas for Canadian and Mexican citizens under the United States-Mexico-Canada
    Agreement, including initial/extension application process at the US Port of Entry (for Canadian citizens), and including the initial/extension application process at US Embassy/Consulate offices (for Mexican citizens), plus TN visa applications for dependents (spouse/children).


J-1 Waivers:

Various types of J-1 waivers, including (but not limited to): Conrad 30 (all US states), HHS Clinical, HHS Research, ARC, Delta Regional Authority/Delta Doctors, Exceptional Hardship, No Objection, and Persecution.


Green Cards:

Employment-Based Green Cards, including (but not limited to):

  • PERM based
  • Multinational Executive or Manager
  • Alien of Extraordinary Ability
  • Outstanding Professor or Researcher
  • National Interest Waiver Physician (Medical Shortage Area)
  • National Interest Waiver (Exceptional Ability)
  • Schedule A Nurses and Physical Therapists
  • Special Handling – Professors

Family-Based Green Cards, including (but not limited to):

  • Spouse of a US citizen or US permanent resident.
  • Child of a US citizen
  • Parents, brothers and sisters of US citizens.



  • Naturalization for U.S. Permanent Residents (“Green Card” holders).


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